Transforming Knowledge Into Power

Everybody’s going along with the program, and the reason they’re going along with the program is you can’t interact.


Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all.
Together we stand, divided we fall.

Pink Floyd, Hey You

New World Order network from
How They Pulled Off the Plandemic

Where We All Need to Be

Let’s create a way that we can interact with each other.

All the voices at the forefront of truth today are reinforcing the same idea: that humanity is being tested on just how much we are willing to go along.

As Dr. Andrew Kaufman observed in an interview with Richie from Boston, "the more …[we] just willingly go along with, then the easier it will be to keep things rolling." And David Icke warned in his latest interview with Brian Rose, "If we don’t stop acquiescing with our own enslavement, - LIKE NOW -, then it doesn’t bear thinking where this is going."

I agree. So where do we begin?

Howard Zinn, the late historian and social scientist, observed in Citizens Among Us…"Well, knowledge can’t, by itself, overwhelm brute force. It’s only when that knowledge is translated into organization and mobilization,…then [people] can act in unison and they can create a power which the most powerful corporation cannot overcome."

Zinn went on to state some fundamental principles,

"Essentially, corporations and governments depend on an obedient population to maintain their power. If that population - that is, the people who work for the corporation, the citizens of the government, the soldiers in the military - withholds its support, stops cooperating, then the supposed all-powerful corporation, government, military become helpless. So it’s a matter of transforming that knowledge into organized power."

David Icke expressed the same in Rose/Icke 5.


Truth media has been reporting for the past 20 years that the oligarchy gathers data on everyone and uses artificial intelligence on that data to create predictive profiles on each of us. I have heard predictions that 25% of the population would aid in the NWO takeover, 25% of the population would actively resist that agenda, and 50% of the population would just acquiesce - as long as they still have a home and food.

If this is true, the oligarchy probably have a pretty good idea at this point who the 25% in the resister category are. I, on the other hand, - as part of this group, - have no idea who my 1.9 billion fellows are [world population of 7.5 billion times .25], or how many of them are informed at this point.

I think some of my informed fellows probably follow Mike Adams at, or were among the 2.5 million people who watched Plandemic 2, or the 2.5 million who watched Rose/Icke 5 on, or those who follow Del Bigtree at; or Patrick Wood at Citizens for Free Speech or Technocracy News or RichiefromBoston’s youtube channel; or Peggy Hall at, or Dr. Pamela Popper and Citizens in Charge at; or Jon Rappoport at; or David Martin at Butterfly of the Week; or Ty and Charlene Bollinger at; or Dr. Mercola at; or Josh del Sol at; or Dr. Andrew Kaufman at, or James Corbett at or RFK Jr. at; or Sayer Ji at; or World Health Sovereignty Summit at; or any of the vaccine informed groups; or alternative health sites, or homeopathy groups, or Christian homeschoolers; or alternative news sites; or activist organizations, etc.

If we search long enough with the rigged and censored search engines, those of us in the informed population might find any one of these thought leaders online, but we really have no way to find each other. Even those aware of the truth remain in the passive infant state induced by our culture and are dependent on the thought leaders to suggest ideas and to organize. The people and groups listed above are doing wonders, but the task is too big and the threat too imminent for any one of them or even all of them together. The rest of the 1.9 billion of us have to step up to the table if we are going to draw the line on tyranny.

"Therefore, there is a struggle for the monopoly of the organs of public opinion, newspapers, political parties, Parliament so that only one force would mold public opinion and hence the political will of the nation, while reducing the dissenters to individual and disconnected specs of dust."

Antonio Gramsci
Italian journalist and activist


We have to be able to recognize and connect and organize with each other locally and we will need robust computer resources and software engineering expertise to create an IT platform for that.

The interface might look something like did up until a few days ago.

Click here for a better picture of what looked like before, as recorded by the WayBackMachine.


Once the computer hardware and software was in place, announcement and advertisement could begin. A distribution list could be made of the contact information for all alternative news sites, alternative health sites and activist organizations (including all the ones listed above) asking them to announce the central activist site to their subscribers.

In exchange for registering on the site, individuals would have access to a repository of up-to-date news and also have the opportunity to connect with other people in their local area, whether that be city or state or country.

News could be funneled to the top by local people and participating organizations. There would be a central place for news, including encouraging success stories that will give local groups ideas for their own efforts.


Benefits of a system like this would include knowing who in local clergy, law enforcement, City County Councils, medical personnel are informed and ready to stand up. Maybe it would be possible to have a pool of local people to draw on for legal help, computer help, or law enforcement help. It would aid in registering voters for elections and campaigning for non-vaccine candidates.

People who are crashing financially or emotionally can potentially find help from their neighbors. And there would be local support if things become more severe.

A local group of people would have more opportunities to educate the uninformed and those disconnected from alternative news sources.


This IT platform could be the foundation for something that is long overdue, a grassroots source of information and news.

The slow takeover in all major areas of our lives has been a well-staffed and organized long-term effort by the oligarchy using the network pictured at the top of the page. Democracy failed to block the takeover as it was impossible for any one individual, household, or even group to keep track of the erosion of freedom and simultaneous attacks across the board - in law, government, media, the Internet, environment, food, medicine, and technology etc. and provide news of what was really happening. We were too casual, even in alternative media, in keeping up with all that was being secretly eroded. Even the most committed activists could only focus on what was being orchestrated in just one area, for example vaccines, because there just isn’t time for more.

As was noted in Plandemic 2, "The pace of our modern world makes it nearly impossible for working people to research the events and policies that shape their lives. When seeking answers to life’s most pressing questions, where do we go first? Google. Enter the subject. Hit ’Go.’ And there it is - only what they want us to see…And just like that, we become the unwitting pushers of propaganda."

We can put our own distributed systems for gathering news and information in place, all individuals could participate in research in some area, then the information would be combined and shared with everyone. It’s the only possible way of keeping up with all that is going on and participating in meaningful democracy.

James Corbett ends the documentary ’Why Big Oil Conquered the World’ with, "Big Oil, Big Pharma, genetic engineering, the Green Revolution, the environmental movement, eugenics, technocracy; - not one person in a thousand can detail the historical development of these or the people and the agenda that connects them. But if you have watched this documentary, you are now that one person in a thousand. The question is, ’What are you going to do with this information?’"

Without a system where we can connect with each other and organize, what can we do with the information?