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Why Big Oil Conquered the World

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Meet The Men At The Heart Of The Covid 19 Hoax [BANNED VIDEO]

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The Creation of a False Epidemic: Parts 1-3

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Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

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Rose / Icke I - The Truth Behind The Coronavirus Pandemic, Covid-19 Lockdown & The Economic Crash

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The Coronavirus & The New World Order Agenda

Vaccine Insanity and the Coming War

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Canadian Government Sued Over CoVid Measures

Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati is suing the Prime Minister of Canada, the Premier of Ontario and the Mayor of the City of Toronto in Ontario Superior Court on behalf of eight plaintiffs.

The suit states that the, "depth and substance of the actual Covid measures are unconstitutional."

Galati seeks a, "declaration from the court that the Covid measures are neither scientifically or medically based. They’re scientifically and medically irrational and arbitrary. By far, probably to a factor of 12 to 14 to one, more people have died as a direct result of the Covid measures than have actually died from Covid-19. This is all about re-tooling the World Order, the New Economic World Order. It’s got nothing to do with health."

Judge rules Governor's executive orders invalid, reopens state following shutdown

Illinois county defies governor, vows it's ’back open for business’

Make Your Voices Heard: Vicki


Robert F. Kennedy and Alan Dershowitz Debate Mandatory Vaccine Issue (1 million views)

Demonstration against mandatory vaccinations in Albany, New York



Polio: The Virus and the Vaccine

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order

Meet The Men At The Heart Of The Covid 19 Hoax [BANNED VIDEO]

BILL GATES, ELON MUSK, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?


Here is what OSHA states about cloth face coverings and surgical masks:
"Are not considered personal protective equipment (PPE)."
"Will not protect the wearer against airborne transmissible infectious agents due to loose fit and lack of seal or inadequate filtration."
- Peggy Hall,

The Danger Of Facemasks - Canadian Worker Tests Dangerous Oxygen Deprivation


Dr. Pamela Popper: COVID News and The Resistance
begins at 4 minutes

Dr. David Martin:
No effort has been made by the Governor or regional health authorities to overturn the established science published in JAMA that facemasks should not be worn by healthy individuals and that social distancing that involves the confinement of healthy individuals has neither been tested nor validated with any science whatsoever.


Black Lives Matter

Candace Owens - Blackout: How Black America Can Fight Back Against The Democrat Party’s Long History Of Racism

The Left has tried to define deadly US riots as "peaceful" protests

The Candace Owens Show: What Does Black America Want?

Candice Owens Facebook Post BLACK LIVES MATTER

Black Lives Matter - The Real Plan
on Richie From Boston

5G and EMF

Derrick Broze - The 5G Trojan Horse

Hosts Josh Del Sol and Sayer Ji
5G Summit 2020: Expert Panel Livestream

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David Icke Speech at London Protest

Patrick Wood: Why Americans must say, "I Will Not Comply"
Citizens for Free Speech

The Story of the Star Spangled Banner

Jeremy Elliot On Point With The Truth

Animated film by David Icke
How They Pulled Off the "Pandemic"

Senator Scott Jensen targeted by Minnesota Medical Board for speaking out about COVID-19

Dr. Lorraine Day Interview

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News - The Swine Flu Epidemic That Was Not As CDC Advertised

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov 1985 Interview

EMPTY COFFINS - EMPTY HOSPITAL - Brazilian MPs Expose Biggest Covid-19 Hoax
full article here

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The "Coronavirus" Pandemic: The Biggest Lie in Human History
[Large library of information on vaccines, viruses, and videos exposing Covid deception]

People of Health Facebook

Background Reading on Tavistock and How We Got Into This Position

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Bill Gates

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- Pandemics of the Past

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