Dr. Aaron Lewis


1. At International Tribunal for Natural Justice

"Every pastor in the world should be watching this…"

"I do believe that this is the beginning of the forcing of an end…As I said, most pastors don’t even recognize how - and I’ll use this word - damnable it is to allow a governor to say, ’You cannot have church service,’ and then they agree. That is scary to me, I mean we’re talking epic proportion violation of scripture. That should have been the reason why every pastor in this entire country should have said, ’Absolutely not, we WILL HAVE service, we will convene and we’re going to continue to do so and you can’t stop us from doing that.’

The ease of the agreement of the clergy has sent a signal to the federal government. This was a litmus test. Listen to me, it was nothing more than a litmus test to see how easy is it for us to stop one of the most powerful institutions, historically, that the world has ever known - has been the force of the church. We’re talking about has been for thousands of years…

We’re talking about wars that the church has gone through and bloodshed to the tune of millions of people all for the sake of Christ and then now when you come to 2020 …all we have to do is just say governor so-and-so said to shut down the churches and we say, ’Okay, okay, fine great.’ No pastor that I know of in this country has said to any governor, ’Please give me concrete proof that this is really going to effect my congregation.’ Not one pastor, and so the powers-that-be have belittled the church, they’ve belittled religion. Because now they’re saying to themselves, ’If all it takes is for us to just say it, we can say tomorrow, "You’re never having church again."’"

Dr. Aaron Lewis