Healing Paradigms



mother_earth (34K)
  • Respect for body's inherent capacity for self-healing in a supportive environment
  • Symptoms are body's best effort to regain health/balance
  • Medical action to support body's detoxification and healing efforts
  • Body viewed and treated as whole
  • Health is vitality

  • Individual competency for health

  • Reliance on high quality nutrition, air, and water to regain or support health

mechanistic (19K)

Girl Born without a Mother
Francis Picabia

  • Belief in body's complete omnipotence over toxicity and complete inadequacy over germs
  • Symptoms are disease

  • Medical action to suppress symptoms

  • Body viewed and treated as separate parts with no interrelationship
  • Health is absence of symptoms
  • Responsibility for health given over to outside authorities

  • Reliance on surgery or small amounts of poison (pharmaceuticals) to regain health